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About Bonfire

Bonfire is a small branding agency of hard-working and fun-loving changemakers. We live passionate and full lives, take part in causes that move us, run rivers, ski mountains, and run with the wolves on the regular.

We live life knowing a couple basic things; we are all connected, and evolution is slow, and these two truths help guide us in business. The fact that we are all connected means that we must create business strategy around making a profit while considering the needs of future generations, like clean water and air. The reality that evolution is slow means that we have to meet consumers where they are. We try to demonstrate what it’s like to do business in an economy based on the triple bottom line, and we want to help your brand along that journey. We work hard to tell the true, amazing and beautiful story behind every brand. Let's do this.

Our Activism

Working in activism is part of our fiber at BB&C. The willingness to be transparent about what we think is worth fighting for is part of who we are as a brand. The concept of this openness around what matters to us is at the epicenter of an evolving economy where consumers vote with their dollars based on shared values. There are many reasons why people choose one brand over another, and we want to be chosen for the quality of our work and the company we keep. We are proud to be changemakers, and we recognize civic duty and activism as a noble part of being human. We are committed to using our voices for those who can't. Below are links to three organizations that are making positive change for the greater good.

Buffalo Field Campaign- BB&C supports this organization because we envision an America with free-roaming bison. We will not stand for commercial interests coming before wildlife, it's possible for a better balance to be achieved. #wildistheway #letbuffaloroam
Buffalo Field Campaign Website

5Gyres- Single use plastic is killing our planet, and having tremendously adverse repercussions on every species that inhabits the earth. We question our society’s act of aggression against the environment by normalizing the use of items that are tossed in a landfill after one or two uses. We support circular design. #refusesingleuse #bringyourown
5gyres Website

Missoula Bears- In Montana, we choose to live among wild animals and with that comes responsibility. Missoula Bears provides our community with information and resources to reduce bear and big cat conflicts with humans. #bebearaware #fedbeardeadbear
Missoula Bears Website